(Actual Play) Tales of the Laughing Fishwife 6


(Traveller LBB/ Cepheus Engine)

A rag-tag band of miscreants is drinking away their forced retirement on the backwater world of Vanagen when approached by a Chirper bearing gold. Is it goodwill or the lure of treasure that leads the gang to investigate the secrets of RESEARCH STATION GAMMA?

This week: The hunt for the Chirpers continues as the crew of the Fishwife explores Research Station Gamma. Will they fulfill their mission or will the station's automated defenses get them first? 


Steve: GM

Wes: "Earnest" Ernie McHale- Former Naval officer and pencil-pusher

Nick: Doreen Smith- Criminal on the run

Molly: Lady Allie Wayan- Gun-toting badass

Rodney: Durbin Echs- Merchant marine engineer and mechanic

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