(Actual Play) Tales of the Laughing Fishwife 28


(Traveller LBB/ Cepheus Engine)

A rag-tag band of miscreants has taken possession of an abandoned Far Trader and has set out into the Spinward Reach in search of treasure and gas money. Can they unravel the mystery of TWILIGHT'S PEAK?

This week: When it rains, it pours. With their plot exposed and the governor poised to strike back, agents of Magneto Dynamics sabotage the dome’s life support. Durbin and crew race to the scene and struggle to save the dome amid a swarm of rockroaches.



Steve: GM

Wes: "Earnest" Ernie McHale- Quartermaster, Killin’ Machine, and Fixer

Nick: Doreen Smith- Co-Captain of the Fishwife, Navigator, A Very Particular Set of Skills

Molly: Doctor Dwight Blight- Purveyor of alternative medicine and sidekick of Professor Mac

Rodney: Durbin Echs- Co-Captain of the Fishwife, Chief Engieer, Long-term exposure to jump drive coolant causes a slight madness.

Jay: Professor Issac Mac- Back off man, he’s a scientist!

Shawn: Juno Rico- Soldier of Fortune with a fortune.


Music: Action and Adventure by Shane Ivers - https://www.silvermansound.com


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