(Actual Play) Tales of the Laughing Fishwife 19


(Traveller LBB/ Cepheus Engine)


A rag-tag band of miscreants has taken possession of an abandoned Far Trader and has set out into the Spinward Reach in search of treasure and gas money. Can they unravel the mystery of TWILIGHT'S PEAK?.


This week: After McHale sells the Fishwife’s load of booze to bribe the port authority, he makes a deal with a shady operative of Magneto Dynamics to liberate the son of the planetary governor from the hands of rebellious miners. Durbin thinks joining the miner’s cause is a more appropriate course.


Steve: GM

Wes: "Earnest" Ernie McHale- Former Naval officer and pencil-pusher

Nick: Doreen Smith- Criminal on the run

Molly: Lady Allie Wayan- Gun-toting badass

Rodney: Durbin Echs- Merchant marine engineer and mechanic


Music: Action and Adventure by Shane Ivers - https://www.silvermansound.com

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