Sep 25, 2019

Microphones of Madness- Wicked Weird 1

Steve and Rodney return to the wild world of anthologies with a look at Wicked Weird: An Anthology of the New England Horror Writers edited by Amber Fallon, Scott T. Goudsward, and David Price. Click the link to get yourself a copy.

Stories covered in this episode:

Those Beneath, Devour. by Victoria Dalpe

A Strange Haze by Matthew M. Bartlett 

A Song of War and Death by Erick A Nunnally

Salt Cave by Morgan Sylvia 

The Sweetness and The Psychic by L.L. Soares 

A Feast of Flies by Steve Van Samson

Sep 20, 2019

(Actual Play) Closed Casket

(Call of Cthulhu)


Nick runs a special one-shot presentation of Closed Casket by Brian Sammons.

Sep 18, 2019

Microphones of Madness- The Tattoo Connection

Steve and Rodney talk martial arts films and the 1978 Jim Kelly flick, The Tattoo Connection.

Sep 11, 2019

Microphones of Madness- Blacula!

Steve and Rodney discuss the classic horror/blaxploitation flick Blacula. 

Sep 6, 2019

(Actual Play) Mask of the Oni 6

(Pulp Cthulhu)

The Heroes of Hamamatsu reach the front lines to find the situation dire and their path to Shiro Hiruma Castle hampered. The way forward is revealed by a rather shady character.

Sep 4, 2019

Microphones of Madness- Brightburnout

Steve and Rodney discuss the 2019 film Brightburn.

Aug 30, 2019

(Actual Play) Mask of the Oni 5

(Pulp Cthulhu) 

The Butts are loose!! The heroes journey North toward Shiro Hiruma Castle and get some ass along the way. Innuendo hides the true horror in this episode of Mask of the Oni! 

Aug 28, 2019

Microphones of Madness- Sisters of the Wild Sage

Steve and Rodney discuss Sisters of the Wild Sage by Nicole Givens Kurtz. You can snag a copy right HERE

Aug 23, 2019

(Actual Play) Mask of the Oni 4

(Pulp Cthulhu)

Duty and revenge are at odds, as the heroes decide what to do with the sorcerer, Azif.

Aug 21, 2019

Microphones of Madness- City Hunter

Steve and Rodney tackle the 1993 Jackie Chan film City Hunter so you don't have to.

Aug 16, 2019

(Actual Play) Mask of the Oni 3

(Pulp Cthulhu)

Tempers flare when the samurai interrogate a prisoner with nothing to lose, meanwhile, the puppeteer Morotame’s philandering past catches up to him.

Aug 14, 2019

Microphones of Madness- This Shoggoth Kills Fascists

Steve and Rodney travel back to WWII with Asamatsu Ken's Kthulhu Reich. Grab a copy for yourself HERE.

Aug 9, 2019

(Actual Play) Mask of the Oni 2

(Pulp Cthulhu)

The mystery of the bloodless corpses thickens, a familiar face leads Rodney, Lillie, Nicholas, and Wesley on a chase through the red light district of Sunrise. All this and yokai in this week’s Mask of the Oni by Microphones of Madness.

Aug 7, 2019

Microphones of Madness- Yojimbo

Steve and Rodney discuss the best film of all time, Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo.

Aug 2, 2019

(Actual Play) Mask of the Oni 1

(Pulp Cthulhu)

Tasked by their lord to investigate the foul sorcery discovered at Slow Tide Harbor, the Heroes of Hamamatsu journey to the town of Sunrise to look into the deaths of several samurai whose bodies were found drained of blood. What horrors will these noble samurai uncover? Find out in the continuation of Steve's chanbara epic.

Jul 31, 2019

Microphones of Madness- The Butts Are Loose (Scenario Challenge 1)

Steve and Rodney challenge themselves to create encounters/ short scenarios based on the scene from Doom Patrol linked below.

If you are interested in playing either of these scenarios and don't feel confident reconstructing them from our discussion, we will be making our notes available on the Microphones of Madness page on Facebook.

Jul 26, 2019

(Actual Play) Dark Tides 5

(Pulp Cthulhu)

The heroes race to the docks of Slow Tide Harbor to prevent the horrid fate of a several captured samurai. Will the Monday Night Heroes survive this encounter with terror? Find out in this episode!

Jul 24, 2019

Microphones of Madness- Adaptation Sickness

Steve and Rodney ponder adapting setting ideas from favorite media and the disadvantages of gaming in popular licensed universes.

Jul 19, 2019

(Actual Play) Dark Tides 4

(Pulp Cthulhu)

Fed up with spinning their wheels in the morass of Slow Tide Harbor, the heroes decide that the wheels of Justice need to be greased Monday Night Heroes style. 

Jul 17, 2019

Microphones of Madness- Best Laid Plans of Mice and Madmen

Steve and Rodney discuss session prep, campaign planning, and Michael Shea's Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master

Get it at the link below.

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